Sunday, June 15, 2014

Remembering "the least of these" on Father's Day

On this Father's Day, we should be dedicated to following the example of not only our earthly fathers, but our Heavenly Father as well. Sadly, I see some forsaking that example within my own party. That includes Pastor Stephen Broden, whom I supported when he ran for Congress. In some misguided attempt to pander to some political activists, he is demonizing the Central American refugee children arriving at our border, stating yesterday on Facebook that "illegal children are bum rushing our border," as if they are shoppers at a Black Friday sale. He states that we should "push back in Jesus' name."

Worse yet, his supporters are using his post to find some Biblical justification for this statement, saying things that are un-Christian, anti-Republican, and inhuman. If you are unaware of the situation in El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras (where these children are from), I suggest you get to know Ralph Isenberg, a local activist who works with these people on a daily basis and knows the situation. Helping these children and their families, and giving them safe harbor in our country, will not be easy or inexpensive, but it is a solemn duty our country and our God requires of us. Anything less is a sin. Patriotism and righteousness requires sacrifice.

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