Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet Tom Nowak, candidate for Dallas County District Attorney

I recently had the opportunity to speak with attorney Tom Nowak, who is running in the Republican primary for Dallas District Attorney. Nowak once worked in the D.A.'s office, but was fired by Craig Watkins after he discovered Nowak had attended a GOP election night watch party. Now, Nowak is ready to return the favor, and he discussed Watkins, what he wants to accomplish as D.A., and his primary opponent Susan Hawk with me. Here is the full article, originally posted at

In 2010, Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins fired one of his top prosecutors, apparently for attending a GOP election night watch party. In 2014, that fired prosecutor could return the favor by having Watkins, a Democrat, voted out of office and taking his job.

Welcome to the world of Tom Nowak, Republican candidate for Dallas District Attorney.

As a prosecutor, Nowak was once a rising star in the Dallas County District Attorney’s office. Although he was hired under former D.A. Bill Hill, Watkins promoted him to the child abuse division, where he prosecuted what Nowak describes as “the worst of the worst cases…aggravated assault against children, the continuous sexual abuse of children, those kinds of cases.”

That all changed in November 2010, after Nowak attended a Republican election night watch party, the same night Watkins was reelected as D.A. “I went to the Republican watch party that Tuesday because many of my friends were in judicial races. I went to support them, and it had nothing to do with the district attorney’s office. I didn’t donate money to candidates, I didn’t put up signs in my yard for candidates, and I didn’t go to rallies or anything like that.”

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dallas GOP candidate's Twitter account still says she's a Democrat

The primaries are coming up, with early voting starting in a few weeks. Among those running is Susan Hawk, a former criminal district court judge who wants to be Dallas' next district attorney. However, to do so, Hawk had to switch her political party from Democrat to Republican, something she had already done back in 2010. However, she forgot to update her Twitter account. Kinda hard to appeal to GOP voters when you still wear the D-label. To read more about the political blunder, click here to read my story at