Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Old Oak Cliff Conservation League releases 'Architecture at Risk' list

The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League has released their annual list of "Architecture at Risk," including some notable and historic structures that they hope to save. The OOCCL has been directly responsible for saving a number of our neighborhood's beautiful buildings and homes, and saving some of our local heritage. Here is the list for 2014, and you can find out more info about the League at

1. Oak Cliff Pump Station at Oak Farms Dairy c.1913
2. Lancaster Avenue Commercial National Register Historic District c.1910-1944
3. 635 N. Zang - Mayor George Sergeant's Home c.1910
4. 1045 N. Zang Blvd. - Zang's Storefront c.1914
5. 500 N. Ewing - J.G. Davis c.1910
6. 211 E. Colorado - Oak Cliff Floral c.1938
7. 1207 N. Zang Blvd. - Polar Bear c.1932
8. N. Bishop Ave. and the Miller-Stemmons National Register Historic District c.1910 - 1930's
9. Kovandovitch Concrete House - 523 Eads c.1914
10. McKinney Lamar Viaduct / Continental Viaduct c.1931

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