Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Listen to my appearance on The Wade Emmert show!

I had the pleasure of appearing on the Wade Emmert show Sunday as a member of his "Power Panel," discussing everything from Obamacare to the Texas gubernatorial race (this is a Dallas show, after all). I also appeared with Scott Braddock and Karen Watson (click their names for their respective sites). Big thanks to Wade (you can visit his website right here) for having me on and feel free to click below to hear the episode.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My upcoming appearance on The Wade Emmert Show

I'm excited to announce that I will appear as a guest panelist on The Wade Emmert Show, which tapes tomorrow night, December 1, and will be available online soon after. Wade's show has been a big hit on Sunday nights on WBAP in north Texas, as well as online with listeners across the country, and Wade just announced that the show has ended its run on WBAP, because it is moving to a new station in January. Until then, the show will continue as an online broadcast available through Soundcloud and iTunes. Tomorrow's show will be online very soon, and I will post a link to it here. You can also listen to it directly on Wade's website, WadeEmmert.com. You can listen to past shows as well.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bank Tower at Oak Cliff hosting JFK exhibit

If you live in Dallas, you can view a special commemorative exhibit for the 50th anniversary of the JFK tragedy. The Bank Tower at Oak Cliff (locals might know it as the Bank of America tower at Zang and I-35) is hosting "JFK: A Community Remembers" is a large exhibit that covers both the history of the assassination and the man behind the Presidency. It features historical information (including the 60's era living room featuring news reports of the assassination), memorabilia, an art exhibit, and a even a place of "peaceful reflection." The exhibit is on display in the Tower lobby, and you can find more information on the exhibit by visiting the official website, JFKOCT.com (click here).

Thursday, August 29, 2013

This politician feels your pain, but not enough to work for free....

Attorney and U.S. Senatorial candidate Domingo Garcia was at a local Jack in the Box today protesting the minimum wage and demanding workers be paid more. Police threw him out. For someone so concerned with the poor, why doesn't this millionaire help out poor immigrants in Dallas who qualify for a legal adjustment of residency status, yet are still facing deportation due to aggressive ICE agents? He'll only help you if you meet his price. I wonder how many Jumbo Jacks it costs to put Domingo on retainer.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Ten Most Powerful People in Dallas, 2013 Edition

My third annual ranking of the ten most powerful people in Dallas is now up at Yahoo News (you can read it by clicking right here) and I wanted to give a big thanks to those who provided their input.

Of course, some take issue with who is on the list, and that's to be expected. It's hardly a scientific process, and I'm sure there are those who give deference to a particular CEO or billionaire over an elected official or pop culture icon. I can't truly argue with different lines of thought on the issue, as each has valid points. In my view, however, I felt it necessary to give proper credit to the social, political, and business elite of the area, which means someone is getting left out and others may seem unjustifiably elevated over others.

D Magazine seemed annoyed by my list. Tim Rogers in particular was upset over my pick of H. Ross Perot. I'll give him partial credit for that. In my first draft, I gave equal listing to his wife and children, who actually do the lion's share of the charity work I was acknowledging, including the Perot Museum. However, I changed it to just Ross Sr., as figurehead of the family, in my final draft. Truly, I should have made it "The Perot Family" to be more precise and reflect the opinions of those I consulted for the list.

I still contend Larry Hagman (and the Dallas cast) deserves to be on the list. We here in town seem to loathe the idea of the J.R. stereotype, but ask any out-of-towner to define Dallas, and we all know what they'll say.

Perhaps I should have consulted D Magazine readers for their thoughts. However, since I don't spend any time in the waiting rooms of local plastic surgery centers, I never had the chance.

Friday, July 19, 2013

My Kirk Cameron article gets Glenn Beck's attention (or maybe just his news editor)

Yesterday, I was one of the first to report on Facebook's ban on free speech, when it disallowed links to Kirk Cameron's new movie. After Cameron notified his fans, Facebook lifted the ban. You can read my article on the situation by clicking right here to visit Examiner.com.

The article received a huge response, especially on Facebook (of all places). It was also mentioned by both Glenn Beck's The Blaze website, as well as Liberty University's website (Liberty helped co-produce the film). At one point yesterday, it was being read around the world at the rate of four new readers a second. A big thanks to all my readers for helping get the word out, you are most appreciated.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who do you think should be among Dallas' most powerful?

Each year, I have the opportunity to name the ten most powerful people in Dallas for Yahoo News. To compile the list, I consult a group of folks-in-the-know and some of Dallas' power elite for their opinions, which remain confidential. However, I'm always open to other's opinions. If you have a thought of who should be in the top ten and why, email me at vic@victormedina.com and let me know. Don't post it here - email me personally!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sign a petition to help this Dallas mother!

I recently had the opportunity to write about a Dallas mother jailed on charges on illegal entry into the country. It's a story I couldn't believe is happening in America. Her case is proof our country's vague and misguided immigration laws need reform, as she not only entered the country legally, she meets the requirements to live here legally. Despite her claims of innocence, she hasn't even received a bond hearing, thanks to ICE agents who withheld information from the U.S,. attorney.

In an effort to get her out on bond until her trial begins, a petition has been started on Change.org. You can click right here to sign it. I hope you'll add your name, and ask your friends to do so as well.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is the Dallas Mega March all about money and publicity?

My latest article for Yahoo News details the rift among local immigration rights leaders over the Mega March scheduled for May 5 in downtown Dallas. Ralph Isenberg says the organizers shouldn't profit off the people the march aims to help, namely Domingo Garcia, who has political aspirations and is opening law offices to process immigrant paperwork. To read more about what Isenberg and Mega March organizer Hector Flores told me, click right here to read my full article.

Monday, March 25, 2013

About my Starbucks article....

As many of you know, my recent article about Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and his statements about gay marriage has been part of a viral movement to boycott the coffee chain. In response, Christian Post author Marty Duren, in an apparent attempt to ride the wave of publicity, is offering a counterpoint that my article was a "complete fabrication." He claims Schultz's statements were presented out of context.

It seems Mr. Duren, who has offered a few contributing articles to The Christian Post and runs his own blog, seems completely naive to the message Schultz was sending. His article is an attempt to build some sort of journalistic and editorial credibility for himself at the cost of my own. When Schultz made his comment to Tom Strobhar, he prefaced them by stating if he wasn't happy with the profits of Starbucks stock, he should sell his stock and invest somewhere else.

Mr. Duren seems willing to let Schultz off the hook because of it, but he obviously doesn't understand the league he is trying to play in. He also doesn't have the journalistic or spiritual discernment to properly dissect his statements. Duren seems to forget that Schultz also said that not every decision is about money, and he is willing to make a principled stand. His statement to Strobhar to 'sell his stock and go elsewhere' is the same sort of marginalizing the left attempts against anyone who disagrees with gay marriage on moral grounds. If Schultz wasn't trying to slap Strobhar down over his gay marriage stand, why did other stockholders break out into applause? They weren't applauding Starbucks profits. They were loving the fact that the evil Christian bigot was being "put in his place" and being shown the door.

Duren seems completely oblivious to this, and if he doesn't understand the intent or the purpose of the arguments, he shouldn't try to publicly dissect them. His article will likely be used by the left to discredit traditional marriage supporters, while ignoring the intolerant statements Schultz made. I hope he's happy with that.

When Christ confronted the Pharisees, he cut through their legalistic rhetoric and cut them at their core. He didn't get mired in the muck of their pious verbiage. I don't seriously consider myself on the same intellectual or spiritual level as Jesus, but I will attempt to cut through the careful (and obviously planned) wording of Schultz's response to what he truly meant. Mr. Duren would be wise to wake up to the ways of the world and realize when his faith and beliefs are being insulted.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updates to VisitOakCliff.com

I recently changed servers for the VisitOakCliff.com website, after our last server experienced significant outages, causing the site to be inaccessible for periods of time. I am taking the opportunity to make some changes and updates, especially to the business listings. For now, some pages on the site may be offline, but as they are updated, more will be uploaded. If you would like your Oak Cliff business listed, just email your info to vic@victormedina.com. I will list your business name, address, and website for free.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Tony Romo article for Yahoo News

Dallas Cowboys quaterback Tony Romo was just named one of America's most disliked athletes, and Yahoo News asked me to write a story giving the perspective of local fans. It was featured on Yahoo's front page and was read by tens of thousands of people. Although I consider myslef a Romo supporter, I'm apparently in the minority, as I came to find out. To read the story yourself, click right here to visit Yahoo News.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paychecks give Dallas County employees a rude awakening

January was not kind to many taxpayers, including employees of Dallas County. Most discovered that President Obama's promise of no new taxes for the middle class wasn't exactly accurate. I obtained a memo sent out to Dallas County employees about the tax, which somehow managed to provide the details that our elected officials, and the media, did not. To read all about the new tax, click here to read my article at Examiner.com.