Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The 2012 Top Ten Most Powerful People in Dallas

Note: This column was originally published on Yahoo News.

In 2011, our ranking of the 10 most powerful people in Dallas stirred much debate. It seems everyone who read the list disagreed over who was on it and how they ranked. Of course, that makes doing another a no-brainer.

For 2012, changes were made in the criteria that determined who made the list. Last year, individuals were ranked on their ability to influence the daily lives of Dallas citizens. While this is still a major criteria, one's influence on the national and international perception of Dallas is also included. That means several new additions to the list.
First, we must note those who fell out of the top 10 from last year. That includes last year's No. 2, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price. Just days after making the list, his home and office were raided by the FBI as part of a corruption investigation. It severely limited his influence, as his supporters ran for political cover.
Former Dallas Observer writer Robert Wilonsky also drops off the list. He is now the editor of DallasNews.com and not as vocal and controversial. Dallas County Republican Party chairman Wade Emmert also drops off, after a subdued year locally for the GOP.
Here is the list: