Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've been working on a new website recently, which you can preview now online. I've talked with many people over the state of Oak Cliff and the reputation it has. In all those conversations, one thing kept coming up over and over: there was no one source of information on all of the good, positive things in our community. Organizations like the Morning News have to report the good with the bad, so we can't expect them to be a partisan cheerleader. In response, I decided to create such a source myself. will promote all of the great things about Oak Cliff, list upcoming events, and point outside visitors (as well as inside residents) to the best businesses, restaurants, churches, and attractions in Oak Cliff. Too often, the best parts of our neighborhood go unnoticed. I hope to change that.  

Please note that the website is not officially "live" yet, and is being updated constantly. Once we have it where we like it, it will officially open and we will announce it to the public. Until then, if you are interested, take a look at it and email me your thoughts and ideas. We have a lot of things, especially pictures, that have not yet been posted, but your input is most appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!