Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thanks for nothing, Dallas Morning News

I try not to criticize the Dallas Morning News too much, especially since they've given me so many opportunities in the past, but then again, a little healthy criticism never killed anyone.

In yet another case of "what were they thinking," posted audio of - gasp - GUNFIRE on New Year's Eve in Oak Cliff. There is no context or additional information given about the audio, except that the minute long clip was recorded somewhere in Oak Cliff. Now, the Morning News has spent the better part of two years analyzing and investigating Dallas' southern sector and how best to address the needs there. One problem is that, despite the progress, Oak Cliff can't shake its poor reputation. Why, then, would they continue to perpetuate the image that Oak Cliff is a war zone unfit for anyone to live in? Is this even really news?

We can't even be sure if all the sounds we are hearing in the clip are actual gunshots. Some of them certainly sound like it, but it could be a lot of fireworks as well. It's also not unusual to hear this in parts of north Dallas and the suburbs, so why bother posting it? We know it's a common occurrence in the OC, but without verification, context, or even location, what's the point other than to make the area as a whole look bad? We get enough stereotyping, and we don't need any more from our only major daily, thanks Morning News. 


  1. hooray for you! I'm tired of people stereotyping Oak Cliff and its residents. After growing up in Oak Cliff and moving to North Dallas, people seem to be surprised by the fact that I grew up in the "hood".

    The funny thing is that the first place people look to purchase a home is.... you guessed it, Oak Cliff!

    For once, I wish that someone would do a story on all the good that comes out of Oak Cliff. Oh, I'm sorry; good news is not good news unless it includes violence.

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