Friday, October 8, 2010

Take your toddler to a vampire movie

The Angelika Theater in Dallas offers a "crybaby matinee" each week to moms who need to get out without the worry of the noise their little ones make. The Angelika's "crybaby matinee" plays movies with the lights halfway down and the sound turned down, and there are no complaints if a baby gets upset. Parents and kids under five get in free. It's a cool idea.

This week's "crybaby matinee," however, has me wondering. The movie is "Let Me In," a movie about a child vampire. It's rated R for language and vampire violence. I haven't seen the film (although I did like the original Swedish version) it just makes one wonder, who in their right mind takes their baby or toddler to a vampire movie? I know a baby may not be affected by it, but a three, four, or five year old might be emotionally scarred. If they really want a baby to keep quiet, show them the new "Wall Street." Everyone will be asleep in ten minutes.

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