Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wasting money on the census

I saw this the other day on Fox 4 News and it made me wonder. With the census upon us again, the government is trying hard to make sure Latinos are accurately counted. I'm sure their ideas are well meaning, but the idea being shown in this news report is just a waste of time. The Census Bureau here in Dallas sent out a couple of young mariachis - I guess they were "pop mariachis," as they weren't singing the traditional music, to encourage folks to answer the Census outside of a south Dallas grocery store. Really? Things like this make for good TV but at best, they maybe convinced a few dozen folks walking out of the store to take the census. This is all window dressing so we can later say we tried to count all Latinos. The only thing that works, that solves a lot of problems, is EDUCATION. Of course, that's way too much work. Mariachis are more fun. The bottom line is, we need to change the way the Latino culture thinks. It takes an outreach in the schools, where kids can learn the truth without the fear of government inherent in our culture. If Telemundo and other Spanish-language stations made a commitment to airing less trash and more programming of substance, we could make some progress on this problem.

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