Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dallas Morning News gives MLK parade a positive spin; a pro-life march, not so much

If I spent all of my time pointing out examples of liberal bias in the press, I wouldn't have time for much else. I do enough of that already over at When Liberals Attack. However, if you want to see a contrast in coverage of similar events, the Dallas Morning News provided that today. A story by Michael Young put a positive spin on Saturday's Martin Luther King Day parade, highlighting how the weather didn't affect the spirits of the small crowd that turned out. A story by Sam Hodges covering the pro-life march downtown, which was held at about the same time, made no mention of the weather, instead mentioning in the headline and body that the crowd was well below a goal of 10,000 (the exact size was never mentioned). Now, I was told the pro-life crowd was bigger than the MLK crowd, but it really doesn't matter. Both are noble causes that deserve support. So where's the love for the pro-life crowd? Is the crowd size the best angle? I don't know Sam Hodges and we shouldn't question his partiality based on one article, but it is an interesting comparison nevertheless.

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