Thursday, November 19, 2009

We get the coverage we deserve

Texas State Rep. Norma Chavez is upset that more Hispanics aren't adequately represented in Texas history books. I decided to post a response to a Dallas Morning News story about it on their site, which you can read here. I copied my response below, which I kept very brief:

While I think it is important to ensure that minorities are represented in history books, it should be a truthful representation, not one that seeks a balance or quota based on the fact that a minority group grows in terms of population.

If Chavez has a real beef, she should cite specific examples, not try to score political points. I saw her statement, edited of course, and I saw no examples of "glaring" lapses in Latino coverage. If there is a lack of proper Latino leaders in the history books, it is a poor reflection of our race's lack of leadership, not the historian covering it. Otherwise we do a disservice to our race and all Texas schoolchildren.

I'm not a big fan of Chavez anyway - check out her Wikipedia page to read news reports of her ties to lobbyists and improper behavior towards the police. Her arguments ring hollow until she gives specifics.

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