Thursday, November 5, 2009

No thanks, Elba Garcia

Well, that didn't take long. Former Mayor pro-tem Elba Garcia isn't yet ready to return to the private sector. She has managed to find an office a Garcia hasn't held: Dallas County Commissioner! Elba is now running for the Commissioner seat currently held by Ken Mayfield. The question voters should ask is.....WHY? Mayfield has done a great job in his time as commissioner. He's picky with spending county funds, has kept county services on their toes, and best of all, he isn't afraid to take an unpopular position if it is in the county's best interests. I don't care what party you're in, that's what an elected official should do. With a perfectly good comissioner in place, what is Elba's excuse for running? Can she do a better job than Mayfield? It's doubtful. I know Ken Mayfield, and he is a good man, and a better commissioner.

We have already seen her campaign approach in her announcement to run. She said, "I'm Elba Garcia, I'm a Democrat, and I'm running for County Commissioner." Really? Because she's a Democrat, she deserves the seat? I'm telling you, that will be her plan. We'll hear what an evil Republican Mayfield is. They will try to portray him as anti-Hispanic and try to drum up the Latino vote. Suddenly, the man she never cared about enough before to even mention his name will now become Oak Cliff's biggest problem. The problem is, folks will buy it.

Three reasons why you SHOULDN'T vote for Elba Garcia were visible at her press conference when she announced her intention to run: to her side stood Royce West, John Wiley Price, and hubby Domingo Garcia. We don't need an extension of the Garcia Cabal. Elba was my councilwoman for years. She had ZERO impact on my neighborhood and our way of life. That's why she doesn't have my vote. Only influential people in her "circle" got attention. The little guy didn't. No thanks, Elba. We're good as it is.

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