Monday, June 22, 2009

Told Ya So: Oak Cliff's Sophisticated Boozehounds

One of my Dallas Morning News columns a while back talked about Cockrell Hill and how I felt their legalization of alcohol sales would have negative consequences for the community. I received quite a bit of negative feedback from folks who said I had it all wrong, that Cockrell Hill would be a better place with all the tax revenue. They complained that if Cockrell Hill wouldn't sell them their wine, they would have to go over the river to get it. I don't care if you have to go out of your way to have Merlot with your Mac and Cheese, booze isn't good for Oak Cliff. I'm sorry if drinking Dr. Pepper while you discuss politics over dinner doesn't seem sophisticated.

Now I get to say I told you so. Those high-class providers of adult beverages in Cockrell Hill have now opened a drive-thru store with hoochie-mamas that bring you your Colt 45s. These scantily clad chicks have earned their own protestors who don't like the fact that these girls are being treated like pieces of meat and are out in front of the drive-thru while kids pass by to and from the school down the street. Congrats Cockrell Hill! You set the women's movement back twenty years!

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