Monday, June 15, 2009

Oak Cliff: Roughin' It Like the Stone Age

Good grief. Being without power, phone, and internet is like being a Flintstone. Like many folks in the Big D, I lost power in the storms last Wednesday. I finally got my power back late Friday, which is an eternity for someone like me who freelances and sends work by internet. It got so dang hot that I split for north Dallas, where a very wealthy gated community lost their power twice and had it restored within eight hours. In my north Oak Cliff neighborhood, it took 48 hours to get it back on once. Some waited four days, until Sunday. BTW, I live on a major south Dallas street, not some place in the middle of nowhere. Now, I'm not trying to say anything about ONCOR. They work hard and I know they didn't purposely leave Oak Cliff in the dark for so long. However, when positioning resources for such an event, shouldn't the bulk be in or near Oak Cliff, where Dallas actually has trees that take down lines? I'm just sayin'.......

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