Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I See Dead Voters....

If dead people vote Delia Jasso into office and no one cares, does that make it right? I suppose we'll know soon enough. For some people, moral relativity is a way of life: right and wrong is defined by whether or not it fits our needs and wants.

Some are blowing off the charges that Delia Jasso's campaign participated in voter fraud by saying a.) take away the disputed votes and Jasso would have won by a slim margin anyway, and b.) Jasso deserves to win because she is Latino and she's running in a Latino district against a white guy (Justin Epker). For these folks, a win is a win, by any means necessary.

The problem is, wrong is wrong, no matter how you justify it. In the days to come, we'll see if the district attorney or local media do their due diligence and investigate the facts. If it is swept under the rug, it will say a lot about the state of our community. We will know if a privileged, connected few can get away with things you and I cannot.

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