Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dallas Morning News Continues to Shove Jasso Down Our Throats

I continue to be amazed at the thick-headed reporting over at the Morning News. Yes, I know it's the hand that feeds me, or more specifically publishes my columns. Even so, they are so sold on putting Delia Jasso in office over at City Hall (in the District 1 City Council seat) that they have published article after article, with a few editorials thrown in, telling us how wonderful she is. Now, columnist Mercedes Olivera, who never met a Democrat she didn't love, is reporting this weekend in her column that District 1 Latinos are now cowering in fear that a white guy - Justin Epker - might be elected. Not only will his election mean the end of Latino civilization as we know it, it will mean the Morning News' opinion doesn't hold quite the sway it used to.

The DMN doesn't seem to read their own feedback, as each article praising Jasso and dissing Epker has been met with criticism from readers, many of them Latino, who raise an important point: they are sick of the rule of the Garcia family - and their friends - over District 1. They have nothing to show for their time in charge.

Editors at the Morning News should be ashamed they let such a juvenile piece run in their paper.

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